Cycling is a lifestyle, so align yours with what you wear on your bike. SPOKEN is a response to the environmental damage caused by the textile industry. Sustainability isn’t seasonal – you’re sustainable, or you're not. It’s an all-in thing from where we source our raw materials and how we treat the people who make our kit to how it’s packaged and shipped.


As healthy-planet participants, the sustainable ‘buts’ stop here. We’re doing all we can to lessen our impact on the earth and its inhabitants. That’s why we put our apparel where our awareness is. Improving and expanding our products as new fabrics are developed – it’s simple: if it does damage, we won't make it.


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Plastic is an epidemic; the more we use it, the less we see it. From raw material to landfill, it’s heavy footprint means our oceans, animals, food system and climate pay the price. We package and ship without perpetuating the single-use cycle. So when you’re done with our plant-based garment bags and mailers, put them in your compost bin or green waste.


Our bags are so green - worms can eat them for brunch.  And it’s not just our bags.

Our shipping labels are also certified compostable, so you don’t have to peel them off before disposal.

We continually hold our packaging to account to make sure it remains the most sustainable on the market.  


Technology is swiftly reshaping the garment game. Constant advances mean some recycled fabrics now function and feel on-par with their non-recycled peers. Gone is the 'less-than' stigma stuck to these innovative materials; they’re now real cloth contenders in their own right. Our recycled fabrics utilise Green Soul technology and are sourced from top Italian fabric mills.


Polyester comes from plastic which comes from petroleum which comes from our sea beds. Because cycling jerseys are largely Polyester – they’re part of the problem. Our Recycled Polyester is made from BPA-free, used and recycled PET plastic bottles which is shredded and engineered into high wicking, breathable kit. One SPOKEN Jersey saves six plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or the sea.


Heat carbon-based chemicals under pressure and you get a sheet of hard Nylon. Melt this down and spin it into yarn and you get Nylon (Polyamide). Instead of making more landfill, up-cycled textile waste is shredded and renewed as second-life Nylon yarn. This resource-savvy thread halves CO2 emissions and has the same performance and feel as virgin Nylon.


You cycle because you love it. And you love it because you feel fitter and stronger. Don’t compromise your healthy mojo with apparel that’s not up to scratch. Not all fabrics are created equal; this goes for both recycled and non-recycled materials. If hidden chemicals or substances in your kit don’t meet international standards or certifications – your gear may not be good for you.


We only use fabrics that meet one or more guiding standards so you can wear with confidence. Cycle with the certainty of fabric safety, sustainable production and recycled content assurance. We’re not fair-weather eco advocates; we’re serious about sustainability. Get to know the specific standards for your SPOKEN  garment.
LOVE YOUR SKIN - All our fabrics are skin-safe, and OEKO-TEX® certified . Screened for toxic substances, this standard green lights our garments: no dangerous carcinogens, azo dyes or chemicals.
PURE PRODUCTION CHAIN - Our recycled fabrics are sustainably manufactured to the bluesign® textile standard . This guarantees clean resources, safe processes, chemical management and customer safety.
TRACK THE TRUTH - The yarns used in our recycled fabrics meet The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) . This measures traceability, environmental and social claims. Track and verify the recycled content of the material.

We put people and planet before our bottom line. Plastic-free packaging and sustainable and recycled fabric solutions are just the beginning. Soybean inks, certified tissue paper, organic cotton off-cut business cards, recycled paper garment tags and cards and paperless invoices, accounting and returns. We’re always learning, so watch this space.